Stairway to Heaven
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it is a duplex apt. It has 6 bedrooms and 2 terraces. Client is into manufacturing of ready masalas. Family consists of husband wife son daughter and mother. Clients brief was to hav a spacious and a rich looking house. It has a beautiful balcony over looking a park , adjoining the liv room. Which gave a feeling of a very open and a spacious space as soon as u enter the house. Also as it is a duplex the staircase was an interesting feature and we created a cantilever staircase which looks aesthetically beautiful and visually appearing like a very light structure. The difficult part was again this balcony , since it has multiple levels on the floor provided by the builder. Which cud not hav been knocked off. So we played around with the levels in mind using different floor materials as sleeper wood flooring and artificial grass flooring. 11th floor lobby is an extension to the master room. The sofa fabric is in black fur kind of material. Use of clear and brown mirror on the wall gives a very spacious look to the lobby. The tree art wrk behind the sofa is a bk lit acrylic laser cut panel finished in brushed steel. The swing in the balcony was custom made , as the client wanted to face both east as well as west while seating. So the bk of the swing is adjustable and rotates on both the sides , giving a view of east as well as west asper their choice of seating. The Buddha bk wall is classed in rough stone tiles , and with sleeper wood surround. It has a beautiful water fall as a bk drop to the statue. The Buddha statue was locally procured as per our specs from a local artist. The daughters room was the smallest room of all. So the mattress was placed on a low platform. The bed from beneath was underlit , so as to highlight the pebbles on the floor. The entertainment room has a grey travertine flooring , with one entire wall cladded in red fabric upholstered foam. This was for sound insulation as well as to make the room vibrant and interesting. The ceiling has fibre optic lights which creates a different mood in the room. The room has 2 recliners facing the screen , and the rest were custom made. Sofa was a chesterfield sofa and a small chaise lounge. The bar is cladded in black frosted mirror on the sides as well as the front. The entrance lobby is cladded in travertine on the walls. It has a bk lit bk painted glass panel next to the main door , which has their name displayed. The safety grill is a laser cut metal plate finished in brushed steel. It has a champagne leafing console in front of the lift doors. The guest room is next to the master room on the 11 th floor. It is actually a study room , with bend glass table and a sofa seat fir any of the visitors who may occasionally come. Hence the the collage of the family is displayed on the wall. This room doubles up rarely into a guest room. The wooden platform created on the far end if the room , has a drawer Which has a matress in it to double up as a low bed for the guests , if any The living and dining has a bottichino flooring. Two glass beaded chandeliers occupy the ceiling space. Sofa chairs were custom made as per designs. The dining table has a bench seating on one side , hence giving more space between the dining and the sofa seating. It has a huge Bk rest cladded in glossy leather which forms an interesting feature in the room. The wall on the right has been designed in wall panelling finished in champagne leafing. There is a door in this panel leading to the common toilet , which has been camouflaged as a panel to not look like a door. The staircase is fabricated in metal and treads are cladded in red chigan Italian marble. It is has been designed to giv a suspended feeling to the staircase. The metal frames supporting the staircase is covered with ply and veneer. The dining table is again custom made as per design. The console near the staircase was a last minute addition to the living room. It has a cork wallpaper as a bk drop. The console has steel laser cut handles and legs. Buddha artwork was sourced from Tresorie. Master room is done in white lamination. The bkrest is a high cushioned with pearl finished leather. The wardrobe centre panel has a covering of artificial fur stick on material. One end of the room has been elevated with a darker Italian marble. Which is a seating area. The enclosed area outside the master toilet is the dressing area. The mothers room was done in a light coloured veneer with a very simple design line , keeping her age in consideration. It has a small mandir next to the wardrobe. Sons room has a dark wooden flooring. With wooden posts and leather cladded bk Rst. It has a walkin wardrobe with leather cladded sliding shutters. It has a huge mirror in front if the sofa seating.